Contactless ordering for Hotels & Restaurants

Allow your guests to place orders from their smartphones without installing anything!

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Guests just scan 
a QR code and order

  • Improve guest experience
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs
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Great for unconventional layouts and hard to staff areas

Offer a menu anywhere in the hotel without increasing labour cost. Increase your revenue and tips for your staff as well!

Receive orders from anywhere quickly and easily!

Reach your guests wherever they are! Great for the pool area, beach beds, roof-top, hotel lobbies and secluded verandas.

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Our Hotel solution

A custom landing page will feature all venues and menus of the hotel allowing your guest to place an order anywhere they are.

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Upsell Items

With appealing photos and pairing suggestions.

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Localise menus

Our multi language support will make your guest feel at home.

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Prioritise safety & convenience

Make guests feel secure for their first travel after many months.

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Turn your order takers into 

Save your staff time and allow them to focus on what matters, your guests. Improve the hotel's bottom line.

Improve the room service experience and extend your mini bar

Instant updates allow you to always have a seasonal room service menu available, along with daily specials. 

Promote room amenities with a pillow, toiletries and newspaper menu.

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Full admin panel control

Blend menu admin panel can be accessed from any computer or tablet. 

This is where chef’s and bar managers will make menu changes, waiters will monitor incoming orders, and where F&B managers will analyse reports.

Easy to implement

Blend menu does not require expensive hardware, only a tablet or a computer with internet access.

It can also be easily integrated into your existing hotel guest app. Staff can be fully trained in less than 15 minutes.

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Prefer a view only menu?

We’ve got you covered! All the benefits of a digital menu without ordering. Check our pricing page to compare.

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